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A copy of the work discussed from each Book Club Meeting can be found in a green ring file (R/BookClub) located on the "Reference" bookshelves.


July Session

Book: The Path of Compassion: writing on socially engaged Buddhism by Fred Eppsteiner

Chapters: Social Teachings of the Buddha by Walpola Rahula, pages 103 - 110

Facilitator: K.K.Lim


August Session

Book: Would a Buddhist Freeze a Cane Toad? by Cathy Byme 

Facilitator: Beatrice Copello

September Session

Book: Bringing kindness to mind by Bodhipaksa

Facilitator: Kamalamayi

"A common belief that to follow the Buddha'd teaching one has to retire from life is a misconception". The article refers to occasions and suttras where the Buddha made references to the 'social' responsibilities of both the lay people and the robed monk/nuns. He also mentioned references to politics, war and peace.

This essay explores the modern phenomena of Environmental Buddhism, in particular the ethical issues around the precept of (ahimsa) non-harming.  Tradtionally this kindly and loving attitude starts with how we relate to ourselves. If we carry around a harsh attitude inside ourselves, in the way we talk to ourselves internally, then it’s harder for us to have kindness for others.
BSO 294.3 PATH e-article e-article
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October Session

Book: The heart of the Buddha's teaching

Chapters: 7- The two truths (pages 113 - 121)

Facilitator: Patricia Austin

November Session

Book: Buddha's daughters 

Chapters: The three marks of existence, Meeting the wild world with a benevolent heart, Suffering's not the only story (pages 32 - 41)

Facilitator: Sue Toohey

In this chapter, with clarity and kindness, Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us of the great benefits to be gained from practicing meditation. He refers to several different teachings of the Buddha. In discussing this beautiful reading we can develop our understanding of the spiritual path of Buddhism and how it can enrich our world.


This Chapter is written by a well-known and respected contemporary Buddhist Teacher, Sylvia Boorstein, as she uncovers the Three Marks of Existence in a positive and warming expression.
BDO 294.3 NHAT 1 BWO 294.3 BUDD 3
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